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  • Jase

    its just another crappy songs by a crappy band they should disband since they where dropped by their former label. they don’t know to make songs they look like a fucking boyband. this is so utterly ridiculous band!

    • Lizzi Osborne

      what the hell? this band is incredible, just because you dont like good music doesnt mean everyone else feels the same. if this is crappy what does that make the average pop singers song?

  • Joe

    @jase i totally agree kyle patrick is a great singer but i think he should start thinking to go solo he just wasting his time with this boyband. i love his solo work check his website

  • Anonymous

    This band know how to write songs. It’s a shame they are tarred with the boy-band brush as they make great rock records. I’m guessing @b47e52c74c565a6d8632fb6f3affb635:disqus hasn’t even heard these songs.

  • Sarah

    i don’t give a crap about this album since eric dill left their 1st album really rocks but after that they make pop records i think thats why they often called them boyband

    • OZ – Angus

      Hi Sarah. Agreed – once Eric left things changed big time! I’m not sure how many of the TCV tracks you have heard, but they are much more solid than the previous effort, which was a bit of a mess. This is a very different album to the one with Eric on, but it’s still very good in its own way and shows that the band now know what they want to sound like with Kyle Patrick at the helm.

    • harry

       if you don’t give a “CRAP”, why did you post a comment in the first place? BITCH!

  • Juancarlos_tee

     whoa.. can’t believe there are bad comments about TCV here..